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5 WBCS Preparation Strategy You Didn’t Learn before

Are you aspiring to become a WBCS officer but don’t have any strategies up your sleeves to crack the exam? If yes, dump your worries and get ready to become the next WBCS officer. Yes! You heard it right. Now you can easily clear the WBCS exam and that too in your very first attempt only with some effort, focus and a strong determination. So, with just a few months left for West Bengal’s biggest competitive exam, it is your strategic WBCS preparation and hard work that can help you add a rare feather to your cap. 

What’s Holding You Back?

With a large number of candidates appearing for the WBCS exam each year with the hope of cracking the exam, there’s only a few who can actually make it up to the final stage. But why? Well, the reasons could be many. But one thing is common and that is they lack in some way or the other. So, let’s have a look at the probable reasons that could be strong enough to hold them back from fulfilling their dream. 

  • Lack of Proper Guidance – One of the crucial things in WBCS preparation is definite and reliable guidance. Without proper guidance, your road to cracking the WBCS exam can get really tough.
  • Lack of Confidence/Motivation – The next thing that you require the most for clearing your WBCS exam is your inner confidence. And to achieve it, you need motivation. Thus, without motivation, you cannot gain confidence and without being confident, you can hardly succeed. So, these two elements act as the complements of each other in your WBCS preparation. 
  • Unstable & Unsystematic Study Plan – Nothing can be achieved without a proper and stable system. And WBCS? Oh! You just can’t expect any good there if you aren’t following a systematic way. So, a fixed study plan is of utmost importance for you to become a WBCS officer. 
  • Improper Strategy – A strategic approach is indeed very essential if you wish to clear your WBCS exam. So, the best way is to start with the syllabus and exam pattern, understand them well and then devise a time-table for preparing each subject and topics. The next thing that follows is problem-solving, revision and practice. Furthermore, there are more tips & strategies within each section of your subjects that you need to adapt in order to save time and enhance accuracy during the examination.
  • Low or Insufficient Practice – Lack of enough practice is one of the root causes of failure in the WBCS exam. Most of the time, students, even after learning everything from scratch, fail to attempt questions during the examination just because of their insufficient practice. Thus, practice is very essential in your WBCS preparation.
  • Lack of Revision – Another big reason for unsuccess in the WBCS exam is lack of revision. So, guys, never skip revision. Always try to manage extra time for revising all taught/ learnt lessons before sitting for your WBCS exam.
  • Poor Selection of Study Materials – Study materials form an integral part of WBCS preparation. Thus, it is very important to choose your books, notes, videos and other resources very cautiously. A wrong or poor selection might lead you to an incorrect path.
  • Mismanagement of Time – In WBCS preparation, you need to devote equal time and attention for each subject. Thus, a proper time management skill is essential in order to ensure the best effort. Never forget that it’s simply the wrong management of time that snatches most of your dream of becoming a WBCS officer. 
  • Incomplete Coverage of Syllabus – Often students tend to skip portions from the syllabus in the race of finishing their lessons faster and increasing practice and revision. But I tell you, it’s a very bad idea because it might land you in trouble, more often than not. So, always try to complete the entire syllabus without any hurry.
  • Undue Stress – Excessive stress is one of the biggest hindrances in your way to success. So, keep calm, be confident, prepare well and give it your best. 

What You Can Do to get best WBCS preparation

Whenever you dream bigger, obstacles are one of the surest things that are likely to come your way. But what you need to think is what’s in your hand and what you can do to remove such obstacles. The same goes for WBCS preparation as well. Here are a few things that might help you look forward to successfully cracking the WBCS exam.

  • Get into a premier WBCS coaching institute for optimum guidance.
  • Listen to motivational speeches of WBCS toppers and other industry experts to boost your confidence.
  • Follow a definite study plan for your preparation.
  • Follow a specific strategized learning as directed by your teachers or mentors.
  • Increase practice. The preliminary and WBCS mains question paper of previous years can help a lot in practice.
  • Revise your subjects thoroughly once your basics are clear.
  • Study books of eminent authors or as suggested by your teachers or mentors. Study materials offered by reputed coaching institutes are quite helpful.
  • Manage & utilize your time judiciously. Give extra time for revision & practice.
  • Try to cover all portions of your syllabus without skipping.
  • Don’t overburden yourself.  Take breaks between studies, listen to good music or read story books. Take rest, have meals on time and sleep well. A positive mind is what brings in a positive outcome.  

So students, are you ready to face the challenge? Yes, I am sure you are. So just follow a few little things, work hard and keep your determination intact. Only then, no one can stop you from adding wings to your dream of becoming a WBCS officer.

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