How to evaluate your preparation for WBCS

How to evaluate your preparation for WBCS Exam

WBCS preparation can be a very daunting and intimidating task as the syllabus is vast and there is an increasing competition with each passing day. Hence, it is important to evaluate your preparation for WBCS exams in regular intervals. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing gap in the education system, we have seen how vital it has become to have a professional support and a mentor in the form of coaching when it comes to preparation of competitive exams like WBCS.

With growing unemployment and job crunch, government exams like WBCS have become the next best option for many young people. Under such circumstances, it is important to seek external support in the form of coaching classes which is affordable and also a top coaching institute. We, at ICE Academy aim to provide not only high quality education but also make sure that aspirants from all walks of life can avail the coaching classes.

Tips and tricks for WBCS preparation

While there can be no one fixed path to prepare for WBCS, some tips can help you to kickstart your WBCS preparation and also evaluate the processing from time to time.

  • The first and foremost thing is to always keep a copy of the syllabus handy with you and follow up with the syllabus after you finish one topic every time.
  • It is also very important to keep a track of how much time you are left with for your exam and what portion of the syllabus is still left.
  • Evaluating how much of your syllabus is left in comparison with the amount of time left will give you a fair idea to revise your study schedule and adjust your study hours accordingly.
  • One of the best ways to keep a track of your WBCS preparation is to take as many mock tests as you can and solve past years’ papers as well. This step will help you to keep a track of your progress in real time. With every mock test that you take, you will be able to judge your performance and accordingly re-evaluate your preparation strategies.
  • You should regularly revise your English and current affairs as these two sections form a very important part of your WBCS preparation as well as exams.
  • The next part of your WBCS preparation is to decide the kind of help or mentorship you would require. While there are a lot of options ranging from WBCS online coaching as well as some physical classes from some of the top WBCS coaching in Kolkata especially, it is up to you to decide for yourself what kind of setup do you need for your coaching and study support.

Top WBCS coaching in Kolkata

While there are a lot of options for top WBCS coaching in Kolkata, one of the institutes that aim to provide aspirants with the best mentors and WBCS coaching classes is ICE Academy on whom you can rely. From updated study materials to classes that keep up with the most recent syllabus, ICE Academy has everything under one roof. ICE is a one-of-a-kind, well-organized, and proactive organisation dedicated solely to assisting candidates in their preparation for government jobs especially for WBCS preparation.It can be accorded as a top WBCS coaching in Kolkata.

ICE Academy is formed by a group of academic experts with the goal of providing well-researched, methodical, and structured courses for various competitive exams such as WBCS, SSC, WBPSC, and others. Their courses are meticulously designed to provide the top WBCS coaching in Kolkata. With over a dozen specialised faculty members, an insightful curriculum design, and an excellent tutoring process, ICE Academy provides a compelling approach to achieving best results in competitive exams.

Keeping your list of reference books handy

Another important aspect that one should focus on while preparing for WBCS is the list of reference books and other study materials that you should follow and keep up with. Here is a basic list of books that an aspirant should be aware of when he/she/they begin their WBCS preparation.

  1. NCERT Science, Social Studies/History and Geography, Environmental Science, Economics (Class 6 to 12)
  2. WBCS GS manual by Nitin Singhania
  3. Lucent’s General Science by Lucent publications
  4. Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi
  5. Indian Polity by Laxmikant
  6. A Brief History of Modern India by Spectrum
  7. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by S. Chand
  8. Indian Economy for Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations by Nitin Singhania
  9. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  10. Newspapers to read- The Hindu/ Indian Express and The Economic Times

Things to keep in mind while preparing for WBCS

  • Each topic in the WBCS syllabus is significant, and an aspirant should never skip any of them.
  • Candidates taking the State Service Exams should read the state board textbooks because they contain important information on the various topics covered in the syllabus.
  • Each topic, such as history, geography, and politics, should be read while keeping the state’s aspects in mind.
  • Keep calm and motivated while studying for the exam, as it is a long and exhausting process.
  • Take a break between lessons to unwind your mind.
  • Instead of adding to your stress or pressure, keep working hard to achieve your goal.
  • Revision is an important part of the process that must be done on a regular basis.
  • Strengthen your weaker subjects while polishing your strong ones
  • Just keep in mind that nothing is impossible, and you are capable of passing the exam.
  • Remember to look over previous year’s papers to get a better understanding of the topics that have been asked in the past.

While these basic tips and tricks will guide you once you have started preparing for your WBCS exam, you need to keep in mind to choose your coaching very strategically and evaluate multiple options before you choose one. Most importantly, talk to the teachers and mentors as well as the students at the institute to understand everything better and then go for the option most convenient for you.

At ICE, students’ satisfaction and feedback are given the most importance and students’ queries and problems are always addressed in the best manner possible which makes ICE a top choice for WBCS aspirants, especially in Kolkata. ICE not only helps you with your preparation but also helps in evaluating your performance and helps you improve at the same time.

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