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Free Online WBCS Coaching- Regular YouTube Live classes

If You are about to take the WBCS Exam and stressed because you feel you lack the necessary guidance from the right WBCS Coaching to be able to Crack the exam.

Then do not worry any more cause here in this article We will be discussing about one of the best WBCS training centres in Kolkata, the ICE Academy, that has not only gained popularity among WBCS aspirants, but also has a pretty success rate for selection. Another added plus point is that, they provide free WBCS online classes in the form of regular YouTube classes. That’s great, isn’t it? So without further delay let’s discuss all of them and the free YouTube live classes I just mentioned.

Free WBCS online classes by ICE Academy-

With their free regular YouTube Live classes, ICE Academy provides a systematic and well-organized learning experience. Their online coaching sessions include free live classes from the best faculty, who take great measures in providing you with the most effective Free WBCS online classes. 

These online classes would be really helpful for all those students who dream of clearing the respective WBCS examination and having a better future. If you are still skeptical about these classes, here’s highlighting a few of their many positive attributes, that makes them so popular-

  • Systematic and interactive sessions of live classes– Their live classes are quite interactive, allowing you to clear out your doubts, during the ongoing WBCS online classes. That way you have a crystal clear idea about everything you are studying, without needing to research a topic, just because you missed out on it in class. Also, they have a systematic pattern of teaching and conducting classes where each subject is dealt with in a systematic matter and each portion is given equal time and importance. 
  • Best team of faculty members- ICE Academy has one of the best teams of highly qualified faculty members taking their online classes. They strive to ensure that each student gets the attention he/she needs to reach their career goals. 
  • New and improved methods of teaching- They implement unique methods of teaching, leaving behind those primitive and old teaching methods which were quite hard to grasp for the students. They believe that the teaching method should be simple and easy to grasp so that each student can benefit from the class equally.
  • Recorded live classes-With ICE Academy, all the online classes are recorded and made available for the students to be accessed later on, so don’t be worried about missing out on them. Also if you have skipped out on a matter in the live class, you could always go back and replay the entire recorded class in accordance to your convenience and understanding.
  • Their classes are fairly regular- The online classes conducted by them via YouTube are fairly regular so that you do not have to wait for long before the next class is streamed again. This way you can finish off your syllabus and still have time to revise everything you have studied.
  • Doubt clearing in the comment sections- You could get your doubts cleared out in the comment section, when you type them down. The faculty members go through the comments sections carefully and make sure that your doubts are cleared properly.
  • Intimation of important dates notified- You will be notified about the important dates related to your WBCS examinations, that way you don’t miss out on any of the important updates.
  • Suggestion about the good books for your preparation- You will be duly notified about the good books you could refer to while preparing for your WBCS examination. That way you have a fair enough idea about the books you are supposed to refer to while preparing for your examinations.
  • They take care of the suggestions provided by the student community- they take into consideration the suggestions mentioned in the comments section by the student community. So if a majority of students were unable to grasp a particular topic, that would be revised in class for their benefit.
FREE WBCS coaching

Regular Online classes- 

Although you do benefit a lot from their free online WBCS classes, you still feel the need for extra academic guidance and personal coaching, you can get yourselves enrolled in their regular online classes. Once you get yourselves enrolled you would be able to experience noticeable advantages that will be highly beneficial for your WBCS coaching. In addition to what you were getting in the online free YouTube classes, these are the things you would be benefitting from-

  • Proper and structured notes and study materials- 
  • Mock test facilities 
  • 300 + hours of interactive online classes
  • 120 + hours of add on classes.
  • Doubt clearing platforms
  • Special classes on soft-skill and personal interview.

ICE Academy’s mission is to be one of the best WBCS training centres in West Bengal. They work hard to understand the needs of all government job applicants and provide them with the best possible assistance. Their institute is dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and learning at an affordable cost. 

So if you are a WBCS aspirant you can conveniently attend their free online YouTube classes and get greatly benefitted. Also if you are looking for a better guided assistance you can get yourselves enrolled with their WBCS online classes

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